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Synaptic Clear ID is the answer for fingerprint scanner under the display

Synaptic Clear ID is the mainstream display embedded fingerprint technology, which can unlock the smartphone in 7 milliseconds.

As Apple killed the Touch ID in favour of Face ID, it is not the end of the world. As companies like the Synaptic are always working on to improve the Touch ID or fingerprint scanner, which has become the golden standard to unlock the smartphone from an entry-level smartphone to premium flagship smartphones (except the Apple iPhone X). The company will demo this technology on the upcoming CES in January 2018.

A technological company named Synaptic Inc. has come with a new technology that will surely make you say “wow” with your mouth wide open. The latest innovation from the Synaptic almost solves the fundamental problem of the 2017 smartphone with narrow bezels with no place to place the fingerprint scanner. The new fingerprint scanner named Synaptic Clear ID sits under the display, so, your display will have a built-in fingerprint scanner and you cannot see it, isn’t it cool? Vivo did showcase something like this and we haven’t seen the implementation until this day.

As we have seen the failure of Face ID with twins and 3D face masks, the Fingerprint scanner is a much better technology and cheaper way to ensure the security of the consumer. The fingerprint scanner goes by the name Synaptic Clear ID FS9500 and is ready for mass production, so, we can expect to see the smartphones with this technology by the end of 2018.

However, one has to take a note that, to implement this sensor, the smartphone must have a OLED display, as this technology does not work on the IPS LCD screen due to a few limitations of the display type. This technology will work similar to the standard fingerprint scanner. The OLED display will light up and scans the fingerprint to match with an image stored in the directory. Upon the confirmation, the device will unlock. As a matter of fact, all this process takes less than quarter of a second.

Synaptic claims that, the technology will work on rigid and flexible display. The presence or absence of the screen protector will not pose in difficulties in the processor. This technology is 2 times faster than the 3D facial recognition and just takes 7 milliseconds to unlock the device from the idle condition. The timings quoted by the company is equivalent to that of the fingerprint scanners that are presently used in the market.

The company also claims that the Synaptic Clear ID technology is 99 percent foolproof and will improve the overall user experience using machine learning. The first smartphone to feature this technology is likely to be the Samsung. So, we might be able to see this technology on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as Samsung Galaxy S9 has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner (according to leaks).

Before giving our final verdict, we have to wait until the CES to see it in person. Do note that, breaking your screen will cost you more if your smartphone has a Synaptic Clear ID.

So, what do you think about this technology? Is this the holy grail of fingerprint scanner? Share your views in the comment box about this new endeavour.

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