Toshiba launches new range of consumer internal hard drives

Toshiba N300 hard drive
N300 NAS hard drive

Toshiba introduces six new series of consumer internal hard drives targeting every need of storage application.

Japanese multinational corporation Toshiba inaugurated a new division of hard drives. The company recently launched 6 new series of consumer internal hard drives to take care of your storage space needs.

The new series lists Toshiba P300 Desktop PC hard drive, L200 Laptop PC hard drive, X300 Performance hard drive, S300 Surveillance hard drive, N300 NAS hard drive and V300 Video streamer hard drive.

Even though these hard drives share some same built-in features But each one is crafted for a specific standard operation. let’s distinguish these,

Toshiba S300 Surveillance hard drive

Toshiba S300 Surveillance hard drives designed to work 24×7 keeping your data safe and sound. It can be connected to 64 HD video cameras as featured with 5400 RPM Rotational speed and 248 MB/s Data transfer speed. Other technical specifications like 10 TB storage capacity, workload up to 180 TB/year and warranty of 3 years.

Toshiba S300 hard drive
S300 surveillance hard drive

S300 hard drive allows you to Record and streams high-quality video frames per second. It is compatible with DVD, NVR and video recorder.

Toshiba V300 Video streaming hard drives

V300 video streaming hard drive enables you to record, stream and edit HD videos on a go. The drive supports up to 4 HD video cameras. It has storage upto 3 TB.

Toshiba v300
V300 video streaming hard drive

V300 is powered by built-in Silent Seek technology and low spin design which reduce power consumption by up to 25%. It is designed to support video editing system, a setup box, DVR, etc.

Some more Technical specifications like SATA 6 Gbit’s interface, up to 72 TB/year workload.

Toshiba N300 NAS hard drive

N300 NAS hard drive designed to power you with reliability, performance, and scalability for 24/7 applications.

N300 technically specified with 10 TB storage capacity, 256 MB cache, 7200 RPM Rotational speed. It has Rotational vibration sensors which automatically detects and eliminate transient vibrations.

Toshiba N300 hard drive
N300 NAS hard drive

It supports up to 8 drive bays.It is helpful for private cloud storage, multimedia storage systems, etc.

Toshiba P300 Desktop PC hard drive

P300 Desktop PC hard drives ships right balance of Performance and reliability. It is powered by Ramp loading technology and shock sensors to safeguard your data.

Toshiba P300 PC hard drive
P300 Dekstop PC hard drive

Key features like 3 TB storage capacity, 64 MB cache along with a warranty of 2 year makes is aright choice for your PC.

Toshiba X300 Performance hard drive

The hard drive crafted carefully for gaming lovers to blend with their performance. Drive powered by Drive Stabilization technology and Data protection makes it a reliable source for data backup for your real-time experience.

Toshiba x300 hard drive
X300 performance hard drive

X300 furnished with 7200 RPM, 256 MB cache size and 10 TB storage capacity. Just designed to carry your gaming library anywhere.

Toshiba L300 laptop PC hard drive

L300 laptop PC hard drive for everyday users ways to improve the capacity of your computer.

Toshiba laptop L300 hard drive


L300 carry 2 TB storage capacity, up to 6 Gbit’s interface and up to 128 MB cache size. It ideally powered by in-built shock sensors and Ramp loading technology which optimizes device battery life.

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