YouTube Kids now getting disabled in unsupported regions

YouTube Kids

According to some reports from various users, a weird YouTube Kids app related issue has been arising. According to some users, the Android app service is automatically getting disabled for various users. These users mainly include those who are in a region where the service is not yet officially available. Many users from various regions are complaining that the app icon is also disappearing from the app drawer on their device. However, the app icon also comes back after enabling the app from its Play Store listing. But even after doing so, the problem again arises after some time.

What’s happening with YouTube Kids app:

The app is available nowhere in the list of installed applications on the user’s phone. It is even not available in the disabled app lists or the system app list in the setting. However keeping the YouTube Kids app’s info page open while using it if it is still working and wait for sometime to let it disappear, it has been noticed that the page will say that the app is disabled and there will be no option to re-enable it again. The only way to access the app again is by going to the APK file and re-installing the file again. Reinstalling the APK will bring back the app, but it will again disappear in about 30 minutes later.

This issue is currently affecting the YouTube Kids app only. Many other apps like Android Auto are not exhibiting the same behavior. However, it is difficult to say anything until an official statement by Google comes up to confirm whether it is a bug or something else.


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