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Bharti Airtel launches VoLte services in Karnataka

Bharti Airtel has officially deployed VoLte based calling in Karnataka. This offers faster call connections with HD voice.

Bharti Airtel, the first mobile network brand to deploy 4G service in India has officially launched the VoLte based calling services in Karnataka.

One might ask what does VoLte stands for? VoLte is a short term for the Voice over LTE (long-term evolution). Until today, if a user wanted to make a voice call, then, the mobile network was automatically toned down to Edge or HSPA (2G or 3G). However, after the VoLte launch, the SIM no more switches the network and call will take place on the high-speed 4G network.

There are many benefits of this new VoLte service over the conventional calling service. The connection time between the calls decrease and there will be almost no call drops. Not only this, due to faster data transfer on the LTE network, the calls will be crisp with High definition audio (to experience this, both parties should use VoLte based calling).

However, this feature does have a downside. Just like Reliance Jio (first telecom provider to offer VoLte based calling). If you use a dual SIM mobile, and let’s say you use Airtel + Jio SIM card, if you set the VoLte calling enabled in the Airtel, then, Reliance Jio will not get a signal (As Jio only has 4G spectrum). As more and more telecom providers deploy VoLte calling, the ability to use the DSDS (dual sim dual standby) will be almost impossible.

However, all the 4G smartphones will support Airtel VoLte feature out of the box. The smartphone maker has to update the device via OTA to enable the same. One can verify the same via Bharti Airtel‘s official website.

How to enable VoLte feature: Make sure that you have upgraded your SIM card to an Airtel 4G SIM card and then insert the SIM card in slot 1 and set your network preference to 4G only. Tada, if you have a supported smartphone, then you will see the VoLte logo near the network bar and you are good to go. If you don’t have a 4G SIM card, rush to the nearest Airtel store to upgrade your existing SIM with a brand new Airtel 4G SIM.

Here is the official product statement from C. Surendran, Chief Executive Officer, Bharti Airtel—Karnataka:

We are delighted to roll out VoLTE services in Karnataka. It complements our efforts in delivering the fastest mobile broadband services in the state. Our customers will enjoy the flexibility of making calls and using ultra high speed 4G mobile data services at the same time. As the consumers demand more of their smart devices, we believe that such technological advancements ensure they get the best out of their smartphones.”

So, does your smartphone supports the Airtel VoLte if so, did you feel any difference in the call quality? Share your views in the comment box.

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