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BJP produces new pack of lies everywhere; says CPI(M) leader Brinda...

CPI leader Brinda Karat took a fun-poking hit at Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday. She accused Rajnath Singh and BJP of producing...

Triple talaq bill: steps will be taken to amend it says...

All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that it would take steps through democratic means to amend, improve or scrap the Triple Talaq Bill.

Opposition rejects simultaneous polls; Congress ready for early elections

The Congress said it was ready for early Lok Sabha elections along with state assemblies, while many opposition parties opposed the idea.

FB post against Tripura CM; Rs 5.5 lakh award to chop...

A person named Ria Roy posts a statement on Facebook that Rs 5.5 lakh will be awarded to anyone who chops off Tripura CM's head.

Doordarshan denies the allegation of not airing Tripura CM’s speech

Doordarshan denied the allegations of not airing Tripura Chief Minister, Manik Sarkar’s Independence Day speech. Sarkar calls it censorship.

Left party CPM alleges Doordarshan of not airing Tripura CM’s speech

CPM leader accuses the Modi government of killing the democracy by not airing the Speech given by Tripura CM Manik Sarkar on 15 Aug.