Best places to visit in Kerala during Monsoon

Kerala Tourism

Kerala is a beautiful state in the southern part of India. Most of us know it for the monsoons, the lush green coconut tree fields, and its backwaters. It is one of the most known tourist areas of India and several foreigners visit the state to see its beauty. Kerala tourism is quite developed and they focus on giving the visitors the best experience. There are tonnes of places that one may visit in Kerala, but we will list a few of them.

Places that you should visit in Kerala:


Munnar is a hill station present in Kerala. The height of Munnar from the sea level is about 5,200 ft. You will know the place best because of the greenery covered hills and the beautiful pictures. The place is known as the ‘Kashmir of South India’ and couples love to visit the place. The tea plantations of Munnar are a thing to watch as they stretch over a long area. One can easily book a resort at this place and spend their vacation in this quaint hill station. The best time to visit Munnar is during the winter months as it remains quite pleasant.


As Kerala is in the Malabar Coast, there are a number of scenic beaches. One such peachy destination is Varkala which is highly recommended among places to visit in Kerala. The unique thing about Varkala beach as cliffs runs parallel to it. It makes the place more beautiful and interesting to its visitors. A place is also an important place for Hindus as a number of temples are present in the area. One of the oldest is the Janardhan Temple.


If you want to visit a place that is serene and away from the crowd, then Idukki district in Kerala is perfect for you. The area is densely forested and the wildlife is brimming as well. It is untouched by the pollution of humans which makes it extra pleasing. The Idukki dam situation in this place produces about 66% of the power generated in Kerala. People also like to go on treks and nature trails or even go bird watching in this beautiful district.


People who love the waters will find this place amazing. The place has especially been formed to be a tourist place because of its serene beauty. It is situated in the extreme southern part of Tiruvanthapuram. You get to enjoy both the backwater and the Arabian Sea at this place. Several resorts have been built to make it pleasing for the tourists. It is away from the hustle and bustle. There are Ayurvedic resorts present at this place which can give the tourists a nice and pleasant health.

These are some of the places that one should visit in Kerala. Missing these places will be a loss for them because most of these are unique in themselves. Kerala has a nice atmosphere and several places which are untouched by the hands of commercial beauty. So, visit Kerala and enjoy the beautiful natural beauty.


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