Brexit deal: United Kingdom parliament votes backing ‘Brexit-delay’, dismisses second referendum

The United Kingdom parliament has on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to seek a delay in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal, setting up a stage for May to renew her efforts to get her divorce agreement pass through the parliament next week. The parliament voted against the idea of the second referendum on Brexit.

According to Reuters news reports, the British lawmakers voted 412 to 202 in favour of Brexit-delay, setting out options asking the European Union for a short delay if the parliament agrees on Brexit deal by March 20, or else no longer delay if a no-Brexit deal can be agreed on.

The motion sought an extension to Article 50, a legal process under which Britain is leaving the EU. If there will be a delay on Brexit beyond March 29, then a unanimous approval will be needed from the left 27-member countries on the EU.

On March 21, May is expected to seek an extension at a European Council conference going to held in Brussels, after her Brexit deal was rejected by the UK’ House of Commons for the second time this week’s Tuesday.

Separately, the British parliament has narrowly voted 314 to 312 rejecting an amendment proving the parliament power to take control of Brexit deal from May’s administration, which includes negotiations over Brexit without any deadline.



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