US-backed SDF still battling Islamic State militants refusing to surrender in Baghouz, group head Mustafa Bali says

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by the United States, has said on Thursday the fighters are still battling with Islamic State (IS) militants in more than two parts where they were refusing to surrender.

SDF chief Mustafa Bali told Reuters that it clashed with Islamic militants holed up in the Baghouz region overnight, according to news reports.

Bali said the jihadists were refusing to surrender and holed up in some types of caves in a rocky shelf in Baghouz area as well as side to the Euphrates River.  The US-led coalition war aircrafts had performed two raids against the IS movements on Thursday evening.

Bali said, “Our forces are trying to force them to surrender, but so far the clashes are continuing.”

The SDF has said on March 18 that they had taken positions over all the IS enclaves in eastern Syria as well as the Euphrates Rivers, where air strikes pounded the Syrian region, a Reuters journalist reported.

Bali took it to Twitter late on Sunday and has said, “Several positions captured and ammunition storage has been blown up.”


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