US plans to boost artificial intelligence, 5G to surpass China’s technology: White House

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The United States president’s administration was reportedly planning to take severe actions boosting the artificial intelligence’s development, within a few weeks, and also developing 5G in the US, according to the administration’s officials.

According to Sputnik news reports, a White House official said the proposed plan will provide the “first deliverables” of National Quantum Initiative Act, the law which was passed by the previous US Congress as an effort to improve Washington’s efforts over quantum technologies because of escalating concerns of China’s dominance over America in a race to deploy the 5G network (mobile broadband tech) and implementations of Al.

In an email to The Hill, the administration said, “Within the coming weeks, we could expect to see action designed to preserve American [research and development] leadership in artificial intelligence, 5G, and the first deliverables from the National Quantum Initiative Act,.”

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal has reported the White House plan was expected to include the executive orders from the US President Donald Trump which would redirect resources towards enhancing 5G tech and Al. The administration was also expected to stress over the need for increased funds on researching and developing any new technologies and using the governments’ data to enhance artificial intelligence.

During the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Trump noted he supported probing into the “industries of the future”. On Wednesday, while attending the Senate commerce committee, the US Senators expressed their great concerns that China could with “the race of 5G”, and that Chinese giant Huawei and ZTE techs could hack the US 5G tech.

While calling on Trump to offer Congress with “a real, quantifiable 5G threats assessment”, Senator Maria Cantwell said, “We must be certain that there is a secure supply chain backing up our 5G system.  We cannot tolerate a leaky valve or a back-door into these networks.”


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