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Huawei adding Android 11 features in EMUI 11 and enabling an update to Harmony OS

Image Source : XDA Developers

Huawei recently launched the latest version of their custom Android-based software known as EMUI 11. Previously, EMUI 8, EMUI 9 and EMUI 10 were based on Android 8, Android 9 and Android 10. People are eagerly waiting to see the EMUI 11 but Huawei has been facing a lot of problems since the middle of 2019. However, it has been confirmed that some elements of Android 11 will be added in EMUI 11 by Huawei.

Huawei didn’t have access to the source code of Android 11 because of trade restrictions levied on them at US. After the source code went public, they stated that the process of porting EMUI to Android 11 can take months as a result of which Huawei decided to add some features of Android 11 on EMUI 11. This will work until Huawei is ready to release the Android 11-based EMUI. However, Huawei has not confirmed anything about the features they would add from Android 11 on EMUI 11.

Image Source : RPRNA

Huawei has also announced the latest version of their in-house operating system – Harmony OS 2.0 and they have an aim to ship smartphones with this operating system by 2021. Huawei is more determined to upgrade to Harmony OS 2.0 instead of Android 11. But this would depend only after the end of US elections and the regain of Android license by Huawei. There is also an open possibility that only a selected number of devices running on EMUI 11 would get updated to Harmony OS. Huawei has still confirmed that Harmony OS is coming to smartphones by the end of 2021.



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