The mystery behind Easter Island Statues revealed by the researchers

Mysterious Easter Island statues were built to boost soil fertility: Study

Easter Island Statues, commonly known as the big blackhead stones with huge heads, seen first as the Windows XP Wallpaper, made us believe and wonder our ancestors were a fanatic for art, love, and craft. The Easter Island Statues are called Maoi, carved out by the Rapa Nui People in Polynesia, a beautiful oceanic country. The study shows that the statutes were built between 1200 to 1500 A.D for enhancing the quality of the soil.

According to researchers, the Maoi were build to increase soil fertility as it aided in agricultural purposes. The high level of phosphorus and calcium chemicals in the soil resulted in high yielding of plant growth across Polynesia. So, more than 900 the Easter Island Statues were built across the country to stop the soil erosion.

It always amazes us when we apprehend that our ancestors were ahead of time for the development and enrichment of natural resources like we couldn’t, resulting in extreme climate change impacting us every day, every hour and every minute with news across the globe of natural disasters or human-made disasters.

These Easter Island Statues were identified as the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995.


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