Sanjivani episode 94, written update, December 19: Sid and Ishani’s romantic dance

The recent episode of Sanjivani begins with a stranger entering the hospital. He enquirers about the heart transplant section of the hospital from the reception reads the names of Dr. Ishani, Dr. Asha and Dr. Rishabh who are scheduled for a surgery. The receptionist asks the stranger to identify himself but he shoots her with a gun. At the fundraiser party, Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani dance romantically while their colleagues watch them. Dr. Rishabh gets ready for the heart surgery. Dr. Ishani goes to get the heart which will be used for the transplant. She notices blood in the lab, and mistakes it for a leak from the blood bank. It’s revealed that the blood belongs to the dead receptionist.

Dr. Rishabh and Dr. Asha are preparing for the operation, and waiting for Dr. Ishani to deliver the heart. A doctor comes running to Dr. Sid and takes him to the lab where the receptionist is lying. Dr. Sid is shocked and tells everyone to remain in their room. There’s an armed man loose in the hospital.

Vardhan finds out about the situation and tell everyone to lock their rooms. Dr. Rishabh is frustrated that Dr. Ishani hasn’t returned with the heart. Dr. Sid tells him there’s a terrorist in the hospital and to stop the operation. Dr. Ishani is taken hostage by the man because she has the heart and held at gunpoint.

Tomorrow: Dr. Ishani tries to run from the man. He shoots at her.


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