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Why Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver has a beautiful ending?

There’s a perfect time for everything, they say. But how can one define that perfect time? A saying which is quite popular quotes as “Better Late than Never” but in many instances, it can be said, “Better Never than Late” though according to the situations it can differ. But in an instance of Travis Bickle(Robert De Niro), one of the most iconic characters in the world of cinema who aims to bring changes in the toxic society.

Though he himself has his cons, there’s the dreaming about a day which will definitely bring a massive change in society. Bickle is completely off the world, the odd one out who can no more handle this chaos. As every day passes in his life, the more closer he comes to reality. Bickle has a lot of things to say about the fall of humanity or his loneliness of which he writes in his diary, which we are introduced in the film which we know is going to spill all over.

A scene from Taxi Driver

He has no connections with anyone until he sees Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), for him she’s pure and perfect. And when he asks her out, she finds him fascinating and is impressed with him, however, it is not for long that she realizes she’s made a huge mistake, and she puts a full stop to their short-lived relationship. However, when Travis shines out as a hero, saving an underaged girl from the trap of prostitution, now he has been declared as a legend who stood out in the society, in order to bring up a change.

In the last scene, Betsy is seen boarding his Taxi, which we might feel like a happy ending, but that’s not what Travis wants. He drops her home and she has something to say or maybe she wanted to apologize. But seeing no response from Travis, she’s left into a feeling of awkwardness. She asks him, “How much was it?” (Fare), Travis answers, “So Long”. He just wants to say now, it’s too late so it’s Better Never than Late.

Hence, we can say that the film Taxi Driver had a very beautiful ending.

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