Apple 2019 iPhone leaked renders shows a triple camera setup

iPhone X1

2018 didn’t turn out to be a quite good year for Apple. Apple launched its successor of iPhone X with its XS and XS Max. Both of which devices turn out to be lackluster and failed to incite the kind of excitement in the tech market that people usually expect from iPhone launches.

Nevertheless, fresh new leaks confirm that Apple is looking forward to trying something new with its next iPhone. Fresh renders reveal that the new iPhone, dubbed as iPhone Xl, is going to have a similar design as iPhone X but with a triple-camera setup on the back. The early leaks reveal that Apple is working on a new prototype that might be developed as the next iPhone and the leaks show the device will sport a square camera unit housing 3 cameras aligned non-linearly.

The square camera unit looks similar to the camera module of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, but the leaks show that the iPhone will house the cameras in a non-uniform manner. There are two cameras aligned vertically in the square unit and a third camera is placed between the two on the side. Apart from the lenses, the unit also houses an LED flash and what seems to be a tiny microphone at the bottom.

The new leaks are coming from Digit who have gotten their hands on the renders through Twitter tipster @OnLeaks.

According to OnLeaks, 2019 iPhones are in Engineering Validation Test(EVT) as of now and there could be changes when the product is finalized for a launch on September 2019. Apple is expected to launch 3 iPhone in September 2019–one low-end variant, which might be a successor of the iPhone XR and two high-end variants succeeding the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It is still too early to say which variant will sport a triple-camera setup, however, our bets are on the top of the line iPhone.

An early report on 2019 iPhone from Bloomberg also suggests a triple camera module for the device. The report states that Apple will adopt a long-distance 3D ToF sensor made by Sony. With the recent leaks, it could be cross-referenced that the third camera on the upcoming iPhone will be a ToF sensor.

The camera set up on the iPhone 8 was horizontal compared to iPhone X and XS’s vertical approach. This is because of the camera sensors in the notch taking up too much space on that part of the phone so Apple had to trim their camera module to a vertical setup. However, with the leaks that show a square unit on the back housing 3 cameras, it could be assumed that the notch on the next iPhone is going to be smaller.

Apple has been suffering a drastic fall in the sales of iPhone because of the United State’s ongoing trade war with China. It would be interesting to see if Apple could bounce back with this new atypical camera set up for its iPhones.


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