Oppo patents mini pop-up display smartphone

Oppo render

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo apparently filed a patent for some new smartphone design by the end of January. Based on the patent drawings, LetsGoDigital created some renders that showcase how the device might look.

The first patent reveals a smartphone with a miniature display that pop-up above the smartphone. The pop-up display is slightly smaller than the original display and pops out of the top of the smartphone about a third on the way. By the looks of it, the smartphone seems to have one of the bizarre smartphone design ideas seen so far.

Oppo Render

A pop-up display on the top of the smartphone neither seems practical nor useful, nevertheless, since it is just a patent, it could be assumed that Oppo is experimenting with designs and looking for something that it could implement in its next smartphone. However, the design revealed by the patent cannot be said to not be weird as Oppo plans to implement the selfie camera on the top bezel of the smartphone while there is a pop-up mini display on the top. It surely begs the question about the existence of pop-up since the company plan to put the selfie camera in the bezel itself.

Oppo Patent

The next patent filed by Oppo revealing a smartphone with a slide-out screen that slides out of the side of the smartphone makes more sense.

Oppo render

By the looks of it, the second patent filed seems like a smartphone on the top of a smartphone, nevertheless, the screen beneath is supposed to be attached to the screen on top.

While this idea seems a little weird too, it is far less bizarre than the one with the pop-up display and could be imagined in a practical scenario. The first thing that comes to mind is its application as a gaming device, where the lower screen can be used as a controller while the upper screen will stream the gameplay.

It should be noted that just because a company files a patent does not mean the device will see the light of the day. There are chances that Oppo might actually work on the field patent and produce some of the weirdest smartphones in the market, however, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.



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