Mon. Apr 15th, 2024
Image Source : Tech Times

iOS 14 has been officially launched last week and it includes a few changes to iOS and iPad OS devices and particularly, their home screens. Apple is already working hard on the updates with the release of iOS 14.2 Public Beta.

The Beta is available to those who have an Apple ID and a compatible iPhone or iPad device. iOS 14.2 introduces a Music Recognition Function at the Control Center and integrates Shazam’s music recognition abilities. It will let the user to recognize the music being played and would also recognize the music playing in apps.

Image Source : Tek Deeps

There is also a new “Now Playing” widget for the control center which would display the recently played music that the user wants to play when no music is being played. The new interface of AirPlay would make it easier to connect multiple AirPlay devices.

Image Source : 9to5Mac

Last but not the least, there will be a “People Detection” feature which would use the camera to find out how far a person is standing from the user. Its a very useful tool for today’s socially distant society.

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