The Ugly Indian – Kaam Chalu Mooh bandh

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I have always been proud to be labelled as an Indian. India has left a remarkable history in the world map. We have always highlighted our culture, talent & innovations. The world respects us, not because of our nationality but because of our contribution to the society. I smile silently when I ponder about the victories of India. I stand immediately at the lyrics of National anthem. I attend the flag hoisting events organized on Independence Day and republic day. Yes, I am a true Indian.

I walk down the road with all the patriotic feelings, till I witness the piled up garbage on the road side, people crossing the lane with their covered faces, some closing the nose, some wearing the mask and some ignoring the existence of garbage and proceeding comfortably. I walk a few steps ahead and see the paan stains on the walls, a few more steps just to notice the potholes. I am lost completely. Is this is the India which I was thinking few minutes back ?



We all are expected to possess the  hygiene standards, such that our surroundings must reflect that we do care not only for our homes but also society.  The Ugly Indian in one such initiative by bangaloreans which  works with the motto “ Kaam Chalu Mooh bandh.”  Action definitely speaks louder than the words.

The group consists of individuals who are keen in making difference to the society in their unique way. We, Indians are habituated of complaining without even realising our moral responsibilities. The blame game should be the national game of India as we all hold a default degree . We are intended to blame our teachers for our low score, Judges for losing a competition,  Management for low salary hike and of course the Government for anything that goes wrong in India. Yes, we are Indians!



The ugly Indian group realised this drawback and thus started the movement to wake up the crazy Indians, oops, lazy Indians!  Anyone can join the group and take part actively. There is no prior agenda set for the streets to be cleaned or the potholes to be covered. The individuals come out with the areas which require immediate action, and the group follows.  Atimes voting is done to settle to decide a location. Every individual contributes wholeheartedly and its a lesson to those anti-social animals who dirty the streets and are ignorant about others.

Let us all pledge to contribute to a better city & a better society !




  1. Hi,
    I really loved the article and appreciate the efforts taken by them. Can you let me know how do I contact them?


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