Facebook update showing details of 30% App store tax blocked by Apple

Image Source : Apple

Facebook and Apple have always been at competition with each other. Both of them are trying to provide better services to people, each claiming themselves as the best. Recently, Apple blocked an update of Facebook which informed people about Apple collecting 30% of in-app purchases by a planned new feature. According to Apple, this particular update is violating a rule of the App store according to which developers can’t show irrelevant information to the users. This feature allowed Facebook users to purchase tickets for online events in the app itself.

Image Source : Screen Daily

The rules made by Apple clearly states that if a user wants to purchase digital content, it is compulsory that he or she has to use the payment system of the App store and this provides a 30% share to Apple. Apple refused a request made by Facebook where they asked to waive this fee so that the revenue is provided to the event organizers. The feature is still available but it doesn’t show the message about Apple’s 30% cut.

The message that was planned to be shown on Android read that – “Facebook doesn’t take a fee from this purchase”. Recently, Reuters have stated that the message cannot be seen anymore, not even in the app version downloaded from Google Play. Despite this, Facebook is still trying to make the message available to be seen by everyone. This has not happened for the first time. Apple has always been strict with those apps that show the policies of the app store to the users. The list includes popular apps like Netflix, Spotify and Kindle.


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