Google Duo launches group video calling feature

Google Duo has been working on group video calling for the past several months. the functionality was spotted in testing last December. According to Duo head Justin Uberti, the feature has rolled out in “select regions”, with Indonesia being one of them. It’s unclear what the other countries are at this time.

Google has finally started integrating group video calling feature to its video chat app Duo. The feature is live on select regions only and comes after being in testing for several months.

Google Indonesia was the first to announce the new Google Duo feature, as part of its preparation for Ramadan, and Justin Uberti confirmed later that it was available in “select regions.” We don’t know yet what those are, but if you have the option, you should be able to make various groups or simply select up to four contacts to call simultaneously.

There will be a “Create group” button underneath the search bar, and you can then save that group for quick access later. So, for example, you can select your three besties and name the group “BFFs”. Right now, it seems that the feature only supports up to four people however, even though an earlier test showed that it supported up to seven. After creating the said group, making a call becomes as easy as tapping a button.

Google finally seems to be expanding Duo beyond one-to-one communication. Initially, the new feature on the video chat platform will only be available on Android devices. Other than that, the app recently updated with Data Saver mode, as well as a redesigned home screen and calling flow.


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