Microsoft finalizing Windows 10X without Win32 apps in December

Microsoft announced Windows 10X in October 2019 which is a modular version of Windows 10 aiming at dual-screen, foldable and new form factors. Microsoft showed Windows 10X running on Surface Neo that has been delayed to 2022 as Microsoft shifted its focus to single-screen devices.

Surface Neo with the dual-screen version of Windows 10X has been delayed to 2022 and Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10X OS will first come at single-screen devices starting with low cost PCs to compete with the likes of Chromebook at the education market.

Windows 10X for single-screen devices is on track to hit the status of RTM in December 2020. RTM can be called an industry term which is used at a point when the product is ready to get shipped for installation on a new system.

When Windows 10X would hit the status of RTM internally in December 2020, it would be considered as finalized, feature complete and ready for manufacturers. The term doesn’t mean that Windows 10X would start rolling out to consumers in the month of December.

After the modular OS is finalized in December, Microsoft will start to service the operating system with fixes and improvements for a launch in Spring 2021. Its unknown if Microsoft is planning to ship Windows 10X to Insiders for feedback and testing.

Image Source : Windows Blog

Windows 10X is being expected to be promoted as a lightweight offering which rivals the likes of Chrome OS. Microsoft will not bring Windows 10X to the hardware that exists. If users want to try the new operating system, they will have to buy a new affordable device.

Microsoft normally wanted to enable Win32 apps virtualization support using the new technology known as ‘VAIL’. Reports say that Microsoft has removed the important technology responsible for VAIL and this means that the OS can run natively on UWP and PWAs.

Enterprise customers would be allowed to run the legacy Win32 apps on Windows 10X by using the new internet-based servicing service.

Windows 10X would come with pre-installed web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and Skype.

The improved version of Windows 10X with VAIL and Surface Neo Support is being expected to be available by 2022.