Venture Catalysts invests ₹3.5 crores in Instoried, deep tech content startup

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Source: Google

Instoried, an AI-driven deep tech content startup, has raised $500,000 (approx ₹3.5 crore) in seed round from Venture Catalysts.

Based out of Bengaluru, the platform helps brands predict the emotional impact of their content upon their customers’ minds.

“This is the best time to build a product that not only analyses vernacular content but also gives smart recommendations to make it emotionally engaging. We already have the product live in English. Now we aim to target the next billion internet users in India by going vernacular. We want to utilise these funds to expand into multiple languages and reach a global audience. With the in-house developed, novel NLP models, Instoried is going to completely disrupt the vernacular content industry in India,” Sharmin Ali, co-founder and CEO, Instoried said.

Instories was founded by Sharmin Ali and Sutanshu Raj in 2018. It has created a tool, which helps brands to strategise, execute, and deliver content using predictive analysis to increase customer engagement.

The B2B SaaS-based startup helps brands to boost engagement and increase content productivity in real-time.

The platform claims that it is currently available in English and Hindi, but will expand to cover a larger set of vernacular languages in the foreseeable future.

“With a total addressable market size of $300 billion, the deep tech market for content, in particular, holds great potential. We have faith in the ability of Instoried’s highly-accurate tool to disrupt and lead the market with their unique approach of targeting and catering to specific customer emotions,” Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, president and co-founder at Venture Catalysts, said.

Apart from Instoried, other platforms that falls under the similar category include Trivone, Social Beat, and many more.


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