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Google Maps launches new features including assistant integration

Google Maps

Google always tries to include some new features in the Google Maps. The company always tries to make it more relevant and helpful for users. The Maps service has received many new features in the past such as offline navigation, add stop settings and other new features. These features make the app more user-friendly and easier to use. Now, it is adding new features that will show users options to commute quickly to their home or work.

New updates for Google Maps:

Google Maps allows users to set certain addresses as either their home and work. This makes very convenient for users to navigate from difficult locations to their home or workplace. Users can easily navigate to their home or workplace by just saying navigate to home. Users can also do it by creating a shortcut within the search function. However, now Google is testing some new features to make it quick for users to set up a route to their home or work. The new quick access option for navigation will be visible on the top of the app’s search bar. Currently, the quick access will provide users only the option to commute to their home or work.

According to some reports, another update for the app may remove the need to tap on the direction icon to get directions for a location. According to some screenshots shared by various users now, users will see the time to commute to Home and Work addresses in the middle of the app. Now, this feature will make it more convenient for users to just tap on the time and start the navigation.

These new features are currently under testing and are available to some users only for now. So if any user interested in using these features may go to Google Play Store and update their app to see if these new features are available for them or not.

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