Google may soon integrate Android Messages with Chrome OS

Android Messages

Google has been trying for long now to allow Chrome OS users to see text messages from their phone. The evidence for Google’s plans firstly appeared about a year ago. It was clear from the SMS Connect feature that the company is planning to integrate messages and Chrome OS. Now, it seems that it in inching closure to integrate Android Messages with Chrome OS. According to some reports Google will soon be bringing a web client version of Android Messages to Chrome OS.

Need for Android Messages in Chrome OS:

There were previously many applications like Pushbullet that allows users to control their mobile applications through Chrome OS. But now, it seems that Google wants to enable this feature natively for the Chrome OS users. According to a report, a new commit on the Chromium Gerrit repository adds a feature flag for Chrome OS Android Messages integration. This means that the Chrome OS users can easily try previously spotted SMS Connect feature. As per the reports, a pairing process with the phone will be used. This process will allow users to see text messages on their phone to the desktop client.

It is expected that the company will use the same pairing process that it used for Allo’s desktop client. According to the reports the feature will be live soon.


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