China hits back at US after state department attacks Beijing’s human rights record

China has on Thursday hit back at the United States, citing racism, “ideological prejudice”, and poor media freedoms, after the US department of state launched a scathing attack on China’s human rights records.

According to Reuters news reports, in the US department’s annual “country reports on human rights practices”, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has highlighted abuses in China, Iran, Nicaragua and South Sudan, but has told reporters Beijing was “in a league of its own when it comes to human rights violations”.

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang, while speaking in Beijing, said that the US report was filled with the “ideological prejudice” and various groundless accusations and that Beijing had lodged a complaint with the USA over it.

He added, Beijing has fully safeguarded human rights as well as made several achievements in this regard. He said, “We also advise that the United States take a hard look at its own domestic human rights record, and first take care of its own affairs.”

The Chinese government on Thursday issued its annual rebuttal to criticism from Washington about China’s human rights record.

China’s Cabinet said the US was a self-styled “human rights defender”, that has a human rights record which is “flawed and lacklustre”. It said, “The double standards of human rights it pursues are obvious.”



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