Apple working on building a standalone gaming AR/VR headset by 2022

Currently, the gaming industry is booming with the cloud-gaming making its way alongside AR/VR gaming. Google Stadia is all set to be launched with xCloud currently under beta. Not only the cloud gaming sector but also the AR/VR gaming sector is on the rise. And Apple is one company that hardly misses any opportunity. In a similar attempt, the company has tasked 1,000 engineers with building a standalone gaming AR/VR headset by 2022 with the new 3-D sensor system being the centerpiece.

Bloomberg reported recently that Apple is currently working on a combined VR and AR headset “with a focus on gaming, watching videos and virtual meetings”.

“Engineering teams for the iPhone and iPad have begun work on connecting important applications and software features to a new operating system”, Bloomberg reports. “Dubbed ‘rOS’ internally, it will let current devices work with the future headset and glasses.”

Apple’s Vice President Mike Rockwell is reportedly leading a team of 1,000 engineers working on the AR and VR venture. The team consists of ex-NASA engineers, former game developers, and graphics experts.

No further details as to what new games Apple will introduce with its wearable have been disclosed yet. But we will keep you updated with all the happenings around the gaming world.


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