Microsoft’s latest patent turns smartphone into a handheld Xbox device

Xbox controller for smartphones
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As the Gamescom 2019 is coming closer by the day, we are getting to hear a lot about the gaming world. First, we hear about the removal of Death Strand from PS4 exclusive list then we witnessed new leaks of Xbox’s famous Project Scarlett and now, a Microsoft patent is storming the internet which suggests the company is working on to turn your smartphone into an Xbox controller.

Filled on July 9th last month, “the patent a charging device for removable input modules. While there is no specific mention of the Xbox in the application, a couple of the drawings feature all-too-familiar buttons and symbols”, writes Digital Trends.

There aren’t any specific references to Xbox controllers or anything as such, in the patent but the images featured displaying buttons and triggers, point out to something like a Smartphone Convertable Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox patent

A few features which we could come up with from the patent filings include:

  • controllers include built-in speakers,
  • a headphone jack,
  • wireless headphones support,
  • available in a number of color options,
  • two halves of a controller, each of which can be clipped around your smartphone to create a handheld gaming device quite similar to Nintendo Switch
  • can only be used to control games streamed via Project xCloud games.

Well, for now, we just have speculations and nothing solid to prove if it is true. However, with Gamescom 2019 to kick off in a few days, we may get to hear some exciting gaming devices being unveiled and hopefully, this rumour may also see the Gamescom 2019 stage. The latest “news, games, accessories, and features” are coming your way as the Gamescom 2019 kicks off on 19th August at 4 pm BST on Monday.

You can catch all the live-actioni on many platforms as it’ll be streamed via TwitchYouTubeFacebookTwitterMixer, and the official Xbox website.


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