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Autism is still a threat to the Mankind. It is on the rising peak from past few decades. It is said to be 1 in 166 in the USA, making it the third most prevalent developmental disorder in the world. It is more found in boys than girls i.e. the ratio is 4:1.  Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that manifests in children by the age of 3. It has an impulse effect on communication,  imagination,  socialization, cognition & intuitive thoughts, thus leaving them paralyzed with their interest and social interaction. It is termed as Asperger Syndrome on the upper end where the effects are higher and on the lower end, it is termed as classic Autism.

There are 40 lakh individuals who are attacked by Autism. The disorder cannot be rectified completely yet improvements are possible through various therapies and new technologies. There are various clinics which are specialized in treating Autism disorder,  XY clinic being one such Centre to hold expertise in treating Autism Spectrum. The team of doctors,  molecular biologists,  biochemists and nutritionists from Germany,  U.S., Dubai and India make this clinic one of the most sought after Centre for Autism.The USP of XY clinic is their high standard medical facility which has proven to be effective.



XY Clinics is part of Diagnostika, a molecular diagnostics facility located at Dubai Bioetchnology and Research Park. It has worked with people from more than 30 different nationalities with a success rate of almost 95 percent. It has worked successfully with over 500 children in Duba, leaving a smile on their cute little faces, thus giving them a hope to live further.



It started its operations in Bangalore in 2013, with a pilot program for children where 40 children started undergoing  treatment for Autism Syndrome. The emotional quotient of their parents can never be measured but a satisfaction level can always be felt, such has been the results. The XY clinic focuses on each individual, creating highly personalized methods that possess zero side effects, ensuring a comprehensive, best treatment option for each individuals. XY Clinics extends its future plans, to Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. XY Clinics is also planning to launch over 20 clinics in India over the next two or three years.

Contact Details:

XY Clinics – Bangalore
Genlabs Healthcare Pvt Ltd, 
Kasturingar Main Road, 
Bangalore – 560 043, India.
Tel   : +91-80-25458516
Email: [email protected]

This clinic is a boon to the autistic kids who still has a hope that they can lead a normal life. I pray Almighty that the number of  Autistic kids reduces each year with the increase in the treatment facilities.



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