Monday, March 8, 2021
Python the fastest growing language

10 Reasons Why to Learn Python In 2020

"My favorite language for maintainability is Python. It has simple, clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters." Bram Cohen What is Python? Python...
R programming language quotes

Planning to learn R programming language? Check out the best resources in 2019

“Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening.”                        ...

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code for Linux as Snap

Microsoft yesterday announced the release of Visual Code for Linux as Snap. Linux users can now enjoy seamless auto-updates for Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio...

Microsoft added new features in PowerApps

This week Microsoft announced so may new updated in Ignite 2019. From Chromium-based web browsers to a combined Office app. In the same event...

Microsoft is dropping PHP support from Windows

The new version of PHP 8.0 is still left out for release in the month of November, but by the time this would appear...
Intel Logo

Intel releases patch for “Zombieload” Flaw

Security researchers have found a new flaw in Intel chips. The flaw works the same way as the older version of Zombieload flaw worked....
StrandHogg- A vulnerability in Android

A new vulnerability in Android can steal bank detailes

A new vulnerability has been found in Android OS. Researchers at Norwegian security firm Promon have discovered this vulnerability. It can be exploited to...

Genpact hails banks for using Artificial Intelligence, others see it as threat

Almost all commercial banks internationally are using artificial intelligence (AI), according to new research conducted by Genpact in collaboration with Wakefield Research.  "However, most financial...