Microsoft rolls out Windows Defender anti-virus software to MacOS

Windows Defender

Microsoft is rolling out its Windows Defender anti-virus software to Apple‘s MacOS, with the full virus and threat protection along with the usual quick and full scanning ability.

Defender is currently Windows 10‘s default in-built anti-virus protection, developed by Microsoft.

In order to create a dedicated Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Mac, the software giant has renamed its Windows Defender ATP to Microsoft Defender ATP, the company informed via a blog-post on Thursday.

A limited preview of the Windows Defender would be available for trying out the anti-virus protection in environments that have both Windows PCs and Macs for businesses.

“Now we are going a step further by adding our own solution to the options, starting with a limited preview today,” Avena said.

In the limited preview, the app provides next-generation antimalware protection and allows users to review and perform configuration of their protection. This includes running scans, including full, quick, and custom path scans, reviewing detected threats and taking actions on threats, including quarantine, remove, or allow.

It will also allow users to configure advanced settings such as disabling or enabling real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, and automatic sample submission. It will also enable users to add exclusions for files and paths, manage notifications when threats are found and manually check for security intelligence updates.

In order to keep the client updated on MacOS, Windows is using its AutoUpdate software, available on devices running MacOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra, or MacOS Sierra, The Verge reported.

As ATP is limited to businesses, it remains unclear if Windows is planning to bring in a commercial version of Microsoft Defender on MacOS.





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