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Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Sun Direct TV Remove Extra Network Capacity Fee: Check Details

TRAI's new rules

Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Sun Direct TV have apparently removed the extra Network Capacity Fee (NCF) on their base packs for their subscribers, according to a report by TelecomTalk. The Extra Capacity Fee here regards to fee that applies after a user has more than 100 channels in their prescribed pack and not on the base fee of ₹130.

TRAI‘s new regime dictates providers to have two components: the Network Capacity Fee, which is around ₹130 for 100 channels and  the cost of any paid channels or paid bouquets.

The first 100 channels include NCF of ₹130 + 18 percent GST, which comes down to ₹153 in total. For users who choose more than 100 channels, an NCF of ₹20 is applied on every 25 additional channels. Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Sun Direct TV are offering more than 100 FTA (Free-to-Air) channels with the NCF limited to ₹130 + 18 percent GST.

First up, in the case of Sun Direct TV, the provider has revoked NCF charges for all its channels, the report states. According to the company’s website, Sun Direct TV is offering a total of 14 channels in the base pack of  ₹130 + 18 percent GST. The pack also includes he 25DD channels, which are mandatory for all cable/DTH operators to provide.

According to the report, Sun Direct TV has removed NCF on all free-to-air channels. This means that the users can see as much as free-to-air channel as they want for a base price of ₹130 band. Sun Direct TV allows users to see as many as 330 channels at the base price of  ₹130 + 18 percent GST, the report states.

With Tata Sky, the report states that the provider has removed NCF on limited channels. This allows users to add some extra channels in their base pack without incurring extra NCF. However, in the case of Tata Sky, not all free-to-air channels will be exempt from this extra NCF.

Tata Sky has also announced add-on packs for its subscribers starting ₹5 a month, which also offers some regional channels. Tata Sky shows some of these channels at a price of  ₹0 per month, which means users can add these channels to their packs for free, making it easier for users to add regional channels to their base packs.

Dish TV has also removed the NCF on some of free-to-air channels. The Dish TV website also shows a promotional offer saying it will charge no NCF on free-to-air channels if users have chosen any paid channel.

Dish TV s offering around 180 channels that can be added to the cart without incurring extra NCF. This is for the base pack price of ₹130 + 18 percent GST. The cost of paid SD and HD channels will still be extra.

According to TRAI’s new rules, the Network Capacity Fee for Cable TV and DTH operators is fixed at ₹130 for the first hundred channels. Users can choose a mix of of free or paid channels or even channels under broadcaster bouquet in their base pack.

Users will be incurred the price of paid channels, nevertheless, the NCF which is paid to their cable/DTH company will remain at ₹130 plus 18 per cent GST.  For users adding more than 100 channels, the NCF will be extra ₹20 per slab of 25 channels.

For instance, if a users chooses 150 channels, then the total bill will be 130+20+20, which comes down to ₹170, adding 18 percent GST to which will make it ₹200. This is assuming that the user chooses all free-to-air channels in the list of 150. What Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Sun Direct TV are doing is under the NCF of ₹130, they are offering more than the 100 free channels and waiving off the extra NCF that they would have normally charged.

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