The story behind HOPCOMS

HOPCOMS assists the farmers to sell their products at a reasonable price without the intervention of the middlemen. Read further to find out more..

Top 5 things which make Bangalore “The Best Honeymoon Spot”

The Garden city of India-Bangalore has been a popular destination for honeymooners who find it very romantic and enjoy being in the city.

Is Bangalore the next Chennai?

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The timeline of today’s Mumbai

The timeline of today's Mumbai revolves around the people and the dreams that they live. Also does the history make a great difference.

Finding Inner Peace in Bustling City – Religious Bangalore

Bangalore is a city where everyone can experience the great traditional and religious activities every other day , despite their busy schedule.

High Court and the attendance system

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Is Bangalore turning out to be no power zone?

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The 1 minute rule in karnataka

You would have heard about 2 minute Maggi time but not about the 1 minute rule for CET exams. It will not entertain any late comers in the examination hall.

How to get Ration Card in Bangalore?

Ration Card is a mandatory document issued by the Government of India to all the citizens. Read the article to know the application procedure in Bangalore.

Bellandur Lake in Danger!

Bellandur lake is one of the largest lake in the city, yet it couldn't be saved from the inhumanity of the mankind. Lets prevent further damage to it!